Friday, January 7, 2011

My Egg White Omelette

I am a Zumba fitness instructor, and I teach classes fairly early in the morning. So, needless to say, I have to eat breakfast. However, it has to be both light and enough to get me through my class (which is pretty killer - not that I'm bragging). My students are always asking me what I eat in the morning, so I decided to post an example of what usually do to fuel up.

I start with three egg whites, which I beat until fluffy. I use my Magic Bullet, but any blender would do the trick. If you don't have a blender, a fork or whisk works great, too.

In a small skillet, sprayed with a little cooking spray, I cook the egg whites to form a little patty, kind of frittata-style. No scrambling. Just cook it on one side until it's done, then flip and cook on the other until that side it done. Set aside.

Then, in the same pan, I saute a little chopped garlic, chopped garlic, and chopped mushroom until they are nice and tender.

I then add a little chopped tomato and cook until they are warmed through. Basically, you cook them until they are how you like 'em. :)
Then, I add a little fresh baby spinach and cook until it wilts a little (again, this is all to taste).
After all the veggies are done, I put them in the middle of the egg patty. Fold the patty over the veggies, then ENJOY!!

You can use any veggies that you like. I use whatever sounds good to me at the time, but basically I stick to what I've listed here. Plus, I chop and prepare as much as I can the night before, that way I'm not having to chop garlic, separate eggs, etc. in the mornings. This is such a user friendly recipe that you can adjust any of it to your liking.

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